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Unex is a specialised express carrier that works in the multicarrier manner (it selects the best cost on the market on the basis of the service available). Over the years we have specialised in delivering gifts both in Italy and abroad.

The advantages you get by sending your gifts with Unex

With Unex you can send gifts for holidays and gifts to people and companies extremely easily while saving money at the same time. The main advantages of our service lie in the fact that the client can use the best costs present on the market with top class service and efficient Customer Care for each type of gift and present delivery needs.
The Client can also use the accessory services tied to the delivery world: from documents necessary for sending any type of gift to the choice of the best carrier possible. Unex can guarantee that its packages always arrive at their destination in the manners agreed on.
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Operation Notes
  • To guarantee deliveries for Christmas, we recommend material pick-up before 15th December.
  • Please remember to indicate ‘Christmas Gift’ on both the pro forma invoice and the waybill (rigorously translated into English for non-EU deliveries, and complete with certificate of origin) with a detailed description of every item.
  • It is a good idea to always write the reference name and telephone number of the receiver on the waybill, to speed up any customs or delivery problems.
  • The documents that accompany delivered gifts and presents (waybill, 5 copies of the pro forma/sales invoice and any other document requested) must be placed in an adhesive envelope placed on the outside of the package.
  • Remember that because of the large amount of gift items being sent during the Christmas period, understandable delays can occur in some circuits. In the event that the gift has to be sent urgently, we advise using the Priority service where available.
  • We had the idea of relieving you of the need to fill in the waybill and to make the preparation and sending of these gift deliveries easier: it is always possible to send the data relative to the receiver by completing a simple Excel form; to obtain this form contact our Client Service at +39 0444 289356.
  • Deliveries to Post Office boxes are not accepted.

Specific packaging for gifts and presents.

  • Food and Christmas hampers are only accepted if packed triple.
  • When sending bottles, we recommend using suitable packaging, namely double wall boxes with polystyrene or wood dividers.
  • Your packages must be labelled with the details of the receiver, his/her/its full address and telephone number in particular if the item/items are to be delivered outside the European Union, in order to guarantee a perfect delivery. Please note that the labels must be clearly legible.
  • It is important to use a rigid box with flaps that are intact, to prevent your goods from reaching their destination damaged.
  • Always remove every label, dangerous materials indicators and any other delivery countermark.
  • Each article must be packed separately, with suitable packaging being used for fragile goods.
  • Always use adhesive tape to strengthen the most delicate parts of a box.
  • Never wind tape or string around the box to be transported.
  • The waybill must always be inserted in the relative transparent adhesive pocket, applied to the side of a larger box and closed to prevent losing the documents.
  • The bar code on the waybill must always be visible.


  • Various Gadgets. The following are included in this type of goods: clothing, diaries, silverware, costume jewellery, glass objects, wrist watches, table clocks, leatherware, pens, document holders, address books, cell phones. The quantity and value of these goods present some restrictions in some countries, for example the United States, Japan and South Africa; other countries do not accept these types of item, for example China, Brazil and Argentina.

Should you have to send alcoholic drinks, gateaux, small cakes, dried fruit, coffee, meat, cheese or fish, please pay attention to the restrictions on the importation of foods imposed by various countries.


The quickest way to enter the Unex services world.

Sending with Unex means interfacing with a company that does not have a toll free number and whose operators always answer. The human factor for us is the best guarantee. Our staff is competent, specialised and always at your disposal, constantly following and monitoring all your consignments.

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