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From departure to arrival: a route as easy as a click.

The client at the centre

We give value to clients’ deliveries: each national and international express delivery contains the produce of their work, their study, their care.

This is why Unex monitors every detail, making the delivery route visible online and sharing it with its receivers; this is why it communicates the airway bill of the selected carrier, why it follows the delivery until it reaches its destination and, if necessary, intervenes on behalf of the client.

In addition, all requests are dealt with as quickly as possible, and with maximum service personalisation.

Your partner for every delivery

Thanks to a series of cooperation agreements with the most qualified delivery operators, Unex selects the solution that is closest to the client’s requirements every time, including the exact price: there are many offers for national and international express deliveries, so we help you select the best one.

All this within the reach of your mouse, comfortably sitting in front of your computer screen.

Unex manages all the delivery phases for companies: pick-up, identification of the most suitable operator for that delivery, transport organisation and management of the information and document flow that accompanies it.

Enter the address, weight and size of the delivery, select your preferred service, print the waybill and then wait for the Unex driver: the procedure is very simple and intuitive.

Unex organises and constantly monitors all the service phases, making all the information immediately accessible to the client in a dedicated section.

Service quality

Our twenty years of experience, together with management that is informed of all the delivery and logistics phases, makes Unex service safe and trustworthy.

Unex guarantees a quality service to its clients, always paying great attention to respecting each individual delivery phase.

The capillary network, based on developed control systems, allows Unex to manage any type of national and international delivery, no matter whether express or freight, in total safety.


The quickest way to enter the Unex services world.

Sending with Unex means interfacing with a company that does not have a toll free number and whose operators always answer. The human factor for us is the best guarantee. Our staff is competent, specialised and always at your disposal, constantly following and monitoring all your consignments.

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Unex has prepared various personalisable solutions for companies so they can manage their own shipping needs.

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